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Live Shoutcast Server Hosting

Shoutcast is a popular streaming format used by thousands of mp3-based streams world wide. One of the benefits of Shoutcast is the listing of your stream on the yellowpage directory. If this is not a requirement for your mp3-based stream, we recommend Icecast Hosting which is a more flexible and better performing solution. To compare various live streaming server technologies to help decide which is best for you, Click Here.

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Just choose the bitrate (1), maximum connections (2), and use the Calculate button (3) to see your flat-monthly price and place your order.

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Price Structure

Our unique fixed-pricing structure prevents unexpected fees and makes pricing simple. We bill all streaming media services based on the number of concurrent connections your server will accept at a given time. Your usage is unlimited and pricing is fixed at the same amount every month.

You can monitor and upgrade/downgrade your server's concurrent user capacity at any time. For example, if you notice that you are reaching your maximum connection capacity and would like to upgrade, simply open a support ticket to have your stream server upgraded.

Price Matrix

Max Users10 - 149150 - 299300 - 599600 - 999
32 Kbps$0.75$0.64$0.53$0.41
48 Kbps$0.90$0.77$0.63$0.50
56 Kbps$1.00$0.85$0.70$0.55
64 Kbps$1.25$1.06$0.88$0.69
96 Kbps$1.50$1.28$1.05$0.83
128 Kbps$2.00$1.70$1.40$1.10
160 Kbps$2.50$2.13$1.75$1.38
192 Kbps$3.00$2.55$2.10$1.65

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