10 Gigabit Core Router

Two Tier3+ Datacenters

With Every Amenity

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What Makes Our Network Special?

Industry Leading Uptime

The Fast Serv Network - AS29889

Fast Serv has its own autonomous network - registered as AS29889 through ARIN. We are at the top of the internet 'food chain' as a registered Internet Service Provider (ISP). We provide bandwidth and services to many other web hosting companies.

Native IPv6

Next Generation IP - Native IPv6

As global IPv4 address space is nearly depleted, Fast Serv is ahead of the curve with native IPv6 support.

Industry Leading Uptime

Redundant Cisco Network Core

We use only the highest performance, fully redundant routing gear from Cisco to prevent frequent maintenance or unexpected outages. The total available upstream capacity currently exceeds 60 gigabits per second and more capacity can be added on the fly.

Industry Leading Uptime

Industry Leading Uptime, 100% Service Level Agreement (SLA)

We put our money where our mouth is by providing an industry leading 100% network and power Service Level Agreement.

Diverse BGP Bandwidth Mix

Diverse BGP Bandwidth Mix

Multiple connections to the Internet are blended together into a diverse, routing optimized mix. Think of it as having multiple on-ramps to the Information Superhighway -- no matter where you or your end users are located, speed and latency will be optimized in real-time.