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Fully Managed, Magento-optimized Dedicated Servers

Magento Power Dedicated

  • Processor
    E3 1230, 4 x 3.3 GHz Cores, 8 x HT
  • Software
    Percona XtraDB, PHP X-cache, Redis Server
  • Cluster Servers
    None (Single Server)
  • Memory
    16 GB DDR3
  • Disks
    2 x 1 Tb HDD (RAID 1) + 256 GB SSD
  • Managed Daily Backups
    Idera/R1soft CDP
  • Premium Bandwidth
    10,000 GB (10 TB) over Gig-E
  • Starts at $329.00

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About our Magento Dedicated Servers

Magento requires careful planning, server configuration and optimization to ensure high speed and reliability. Our team is highly experienced in configuring, optimizing, and managing Magento dedicated servers. Our single server E3-based package provides sub-second* page loads even with larger inventories (25k or more SKUs) and 1000+ orders per day.

Although a single server is more than enough for most stores, we also specialize in Magento dedicated server clusters. Clustering is ideal for stores that require additional traffic capacity and ultimate redundancy. Free of charge (with the purchase of a 2nd server), we'll install and configure load balancing software and configure the necessary replication. Never has it been easier or more affordable to scale to any store size or traffic load with a managed Magento dedicated server.

Magento Dedicated Server Features

  • Free analysis and zero-downtime migration of your existing store
  • 1 TB (approximately 950 GB usable) of general storage - website, images, downloads, ect.
  • 256 GB (approximately 240 GB usable) of SSD-based database storage
  • SSD-based database and tempfile storage for higher transactions per second and fast reindexing
  • Percona XtraDB database engine offers much better database performance than MySQL
  • X-cache PHP op-code caching further increases overall performance
  • Redis in-memory cache for sessions and template block storage (better than MemCache) - increases transactions per second and lowers page load times significantly. Unlike MemCache, Redis cache is persistent (no lost shopping carts due to a server reboot), supports key storage (for caching templates) and supports replication to multiple servers.
  • Daily off-site backup of all files and databases, held for 15 days and archived for 30 days
  • Database and store configuration optimized specifically for your inventory size
  • Scale out seamlessly with multiple nodes and load balancing - simply order an additional server and we'll set up replication and load balancing free of charge!
  • 24/7 pro-active performance metrics and uptime monitoring

* Page load time based on any 3rd party add-on or custom templates and modules coded using best practices.

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