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Live Icecast Server Hosting

Icecast is an extremely high performance and flexible open source live streaming media server. It supports many popular streaming formats such as Ogg Vorbis, MP3, and AACplus. To compare various live streaming server technologies to help decide which is best for you, Click Here.

Fast Serv Icecast Servers now support streaming MP3, AAC, and AACplus directly to Flash-based clients. Previously this was only possible using expensive, non open-source servers like FSMS or Wowza.

How to Order - Easy as 1, 2, 3!

Just choose the bitrate (1), maximum connections (2), and use the Calculate button (3) to see your flat-monthly price and place your order.

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Price Structure

Our unique fixed-pricing structure prevents unexpected fees and makes pricing simple. We bill all streaming media services based on the number of concurrent connections your server will accept at a given time. Your usage is unlimited and pricing is fixed at the same amount every month.

You can monitor and upgrade/downgrade your server's concurrent user capacity at any time. For example, if you notice that you are reaching your maximum connection capacity and would like to upgrade, simply open a support ticket to have your stream server upgraded.

Price Matrix

Max Users10 - 149150 - 299300 - 599600 - 999
32 Kbps$0.75$0.64$0.53$0.41
48 Kbps$0.90$0.77$0.63$0.50
56 Kbps$1.00$0.85$0.70$0.55
64 Kbps$1.25$1.06$0.88$0.69
96 Kbps$1.50$1.28$1.05$0.83
128 Kbps$2.00$1.70$1.40$1.10
160 Kbps$2.50$2.13$1.75$1.38
192 Kbps$3.00$2.55$2.10$1.65

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