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AACplus Flash player support added to Icecast

Posted by Randy M. on March 24, 2010
AACplus flash player support added to Icecast (KH) is now available to all Icecast2 customers.

No longer do you need to use expensive closed-source servers like Wowza or Flash Streaming Media Server to get AACplus streaming to your Flash client.

We are proud to announce newly added native Flash streaming support (FLV) to all of our Icecast servers, free of charge.  Now you can stream MP3, AAC, and AACplus (aacp) directly to any popular Flash player without the pricetag, bugs, and memory leaks of other technologies.

Here’s a how-to article and player demo that describes how to set up a Flash player based on the popular JWplayer on your site using Fast Serv FLV-enabled Icecast server.

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