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Crank My Tunes

Customer since: January 2009
Services used: Dedicated Servers, Virtual Servers

We have been leasing a dedicated server and multiple Windows virtual servers for our streaming media needs for over a year now with zero downtime.  The customer service is
superb - if you need it done, they’ll do it. Fast Serv has been a real asset to our business.

-- Michele Conn
Co-Owner, Crank My Tunes

AM 1710 Old-Time Radio

Customer since: October 2005
Services used: Streaming Media

With hundreds of connections continuously for years on end, even with a very tight problem-free operation on my side, Fast Serv’s reliability and service are still the least of my worries. One thing that stands out is the connection speed. Fast Serv is an important part of the formula that’s given AM 1710 an average four times the number of listeners of the next closest station of its kind.

-- Jay Lichtenauer
Owner, AM 1710 Old-Time Radio

TechRx, Inc

Customer since: May 2009
Services used: Dedicated Servers

About a year ago, I needed to find the best hosted streaming solution for my client Lakeshore Communications, Inc (Q90FM). Their existing streaming audio was budget prohibited and the sound quality was poor. I examined several streaming audio companies based on financial stability, longevity, and responsiveness. Fast Serv stood out in the crowd because they surpassed the competition hands-down.  TechRx, Inc. researches information technology solutions for clients and helps them make the best possible decision. So, when I say Fast Serv did the job; I do not speak lightly about it.

When I moved Q90FM’s streaming audio signal to Fast Serv we immediately saw an immediate and dramatic increase in listenership.  The best part of the service was the ability to transcode (or broadcast in multiple forms) the online signal.  Their technical support was an amazing asset to our switch; and I feel confident to recommend them to anyone looking for the BEST online hosting.

-- Jason Davies
President, TechRx, Inc

The Doo Wop Express

Customer since: January 2009
Services used: Streaming Media

I never have any problems and their servers are trouble free.  Always a quick response for the few times I’ve called.

-- Ron Norwood
Owner, Webmaster, The Doo Wop Express

Head Case Radio

Customer since: April 2008
Services used: Streaming Media, Dedicated Servers

We switched to Fast Serv a couple of years back from (another provider)... since then, Fast Serv has been absolutely rock solid.  When there are going to be problems, they’re very good about notifying their customers well in advance.  It’s very nice to know that our encoder servers are something about which I do NOT have to worry!  We’ve had several offers to switch since we started with Fast Serv.. we just laugh at them and decline politely.

-- Scott W.
Owner, Webmaster, Head Case Radio

The 1920s Radio Network Chesapeake Virginia

Customer since: October 2003
Services used: Streaming Media

The 1920s Radio Network, a big band and nostalgia facility, has been using Fast-Serv since our beginning in 2004. We currently have 3 streams serviced by Fast-Serv, one on a Ashburn Virginia server and 2 on a San Diego server. I am happy to report that the downtime with these services is so insignificant it is not worth mentioning.  In fact any disruptions that may occur are usually localized near our studio or an IP hop outbound to Fast-Serv. In addition to rock solid reliability Fast-Serv has great technical support; Randy has answered all my questions and has helped out with web hosting and other related items.

Fast-Serv is so reliable that I often forget how to access the control panel! You guys are much like our automation systems, StationPlaylist…works so well I forget you’re there. Thanks!

-- Brian Hughes
Chief Engineer, The 1920s Radio Network Chesapeake Virginia


Radio Javan

Customer since: November 2005
Services used: Dedicated Servers, Streaming Media

We’ve been a Fast Serv customer for over 4 years and host our site’s entire operation with them. Besides the fast and stable network, their quality servers, and competitive prices, they also have excellent customer support. It is refreshing to see a hosting company offer good technology solutions and ideas for our infrastructure needs as we continue to grow. All this has made working with Fast Serv a great experience.

-- Hamed H.
Owner, Radio Javan


Innovative Applications Company, LLC

Customer since: April 2004
Services used: SSL Webhosting, Dedicated Servers

We had issues with several hosts before we switched to Fast Serv back in 2004.  Since the move we no longer worry about whether our websites are online and functioning; everything just works.  I cannot recall the last time we ever noticed downtime on our sites.  We manage several high volume E-commerce sites including credit card processing and Fast Serv has helped us every step of the way including custom back-end coding and PCI compliance for our two most important sites. I highly recommend Fast Serv to any small or medium business who depends on up-time and knowledgeable support that truly goes above and beyond the rest.

-- Adam J. Pollock
Owner, CEO, Innovative Applications Company, LLC


Australian Broadcasting Media

Customer since: June 2009
Services used: Streaming Media

I have no hesitation in recommending the Fast Serv as the best worldwide streaming solution. We are based in Australia and have tried many local providers, but none have been as trouble free and consistently reliable as Fast Serv. There pricing is also very competitive which is also always a good thing.

-- Sean Ison
Technical Manager, Australian Broadcasting Media

Adelman Broadcasting

Customer since: November 2003
Services used: Dedicated Servers, Streaming Media

Fast Serv Networks provides our streaming and dedicated server for Bob FM 103.9 in Southern California’s High Desert. The solid infrastructure has kept us online with no down time. The tech support is not only very helpful but has actually been educational.  Bob says we’re sticking with Fast Serv!

-- Vince Garcia
Operations Manager, Adelman Broadcasting, Inc


Night Owl PC

Customer since: July 2009
Services used: San Diego Colocation

I highly recommend Fast Serv because they have great tools available.  I can power cycle my servers remotely, check my bandwidth easily, and Randy has been very helpful when questions come up.  They are flexible with allowing me to manage everything my self or enlist help when I get stuck. Quality customer service seems very important to them.

-- Dan B.
Owner, Night Owl PC


The Space Show

Customer since: February 2006
Services used: Streaming Media

The Space Show and its listeners are very happy and pleased to be working with Fast Serv.  Exceptional stream quality and stability are cornerstones of this service.  Furthermore, Fast Serv delivers timely and unparalleled customer service when called upon.  I can’t imagine streaming The Space Show without Fast Serv and their fanatic support.

-- David Livingston
Host, The Space Show

Girls Rock Radio

Customer since: June 2006
Services used: Streaming Media

Over time, and from our worldwide audience, I’ve received many comments regarding how the Girls Rock Radio stream is so “solid.”  That’s in large part due to the stability and reliability of Fast Serv Networks.  I want to take a moment to thank you for contributing to the presence that is Girls Rock Radio, and for the reliability that has my listeners commenting and audience growing.

-- Thomas L. Forrester
CEO, General Manager, Girls Rock Radio

KIK FM Pty Ltd

Customer since: July 2006
Services used: Webhosting, Streaming Media

Fast Serv host web sites our for five domains and our radio station’s live audio stream. Over the last four years we have moved all our web services to Fast Serv. We have a twenty-four hour a day operation and depend completely on reliable access to our email. And, the live stream provides the main audio feed for a remote transmitter site. The support from Fast Serv is fantastic. It’s like they are just around the corner, not half way across the world. We get almost instant responses to our questions and rapid action when we want to expand or reconfigure services. And, the price is right! We’d recommend Fast Serv to any small or medium business, anywhere!

-- Mark Knudsen
Technical Manager, KIK FM Pty Ltd


Accent Radio

Customer since: August 2008
Services used: Streaming Media

We’ve found FastServ to be the best for our on-demand and streaming needs. With a vast array of services, and great real-person support, they’ve won us over. I would highly recommend FastServ to other networks, radio stations, and content providers.

-- Jay Harrison
General Manager, Accent Radio Network


Customer since: September 2009
Services used: Windows Virtual Servers

Great customer service, great stability.  My VPS can hold an amazing uptime; I’ve even had it up for 6 months without a reboot.  I’ve tried other companies, one can’t even hold an uptime of 1 week.  I will be using Fast Serv forever!

-- Shawn Harward
Founder, ZTecNet


BlackLight Radio

Customer since: August 2005
Services used: Streaming Media

I’ve been streaming audio on the web since 1996, and live streaming since 1999.  For years I fought with providers who were sometimes up, sometimes down, the problem must be on my end, we don’t see a problem, etc. I did my research and found Fast Serv was very highly recommended.  Since switching a number of years ago to Fast Serv, I’ve had nearly 100% up time, and the only (short) time I’ve ever been down, Fast Serv notified me before I even knew about it! Customer service is amazingly fast and responsive, and it’s the type of company that sends you E-mails saying “Everything’s fine, just wanted you to know we’ll be here 24/7 through Christmas if you need anything.” 

Five PLUS stars for a company that has done the impossible: surpassed EVERY ONE of my expectations.  I couldn’t imagine risking hosting with anyone else.

-- Gene Savage
Owner, BlackLight Radio

Web Sports Radio

Customer since: December 2005
Services used: Streaming Media

When I first spoke to them five years ago about hosting my stream, I asked if Fast Serv would be able to meet my demands. Fast Serv has done that with 99.9% up time and exceptional customer service.


-- Steve Casson
CEO, Web Sports Radio


Customer since: July 2007
Services used: Dedicated Servers, Virtual Servers, Streaming Media

There’s an advantage to working with a company that owns their own equipment and understands network engineering. Fast Serv has powered my internet radio station and websites for over two years - delivering incredible uptime, dependable bandwidth and excellent support. Highly recommended.

-- John Draper
Owner, JDInteractive


Motion FM

Customer since: January 2005
Services used: Dedicated Servers, Website Hosting, Streaming Media

After a period of moving from one host to other, we finally arrived to the world of Fast Serv on January 2005. Fast Serv was able to provide affordable and competitive solutions to our needs. We started with a few Shoutcast streams, continued with web hosting and we ended up with a fully dedicated server a year later. After the transition, we were able to operate on full capacity 24/7 having solid streams and excellent services.

Customer service is remarkable. It is very fast, responsive and always giving solutions to the problems. Fast Serv technicians supported all our efforts and were there to give solutions and advice on each step of development of our network. We highly recommend Fast Serv for internet radio broadcasters and any small to medium businesses.

-- Panagiotis B.
Owner, Motion FM


Station X

Customer since: September 2006
Services used: Streaming Media

I know there are cheaper and more expensive providers, but Fast Serv has never failed me. I’ve always found their support and advice to be on spot on every time. Nothing within their power is a bother and is always attended to swiftly. There are some unique requirements when you an Australian net-caster, such as low latency and good global peering. These were easily handled by Randy & crew without a problem. I like to call Fast Serv my “preferred bandwidth supplier”.

-- Peter Tate
Owner, Station X

Dimension Audio Visual

Customer since: May 2008
Services used: Virtual Servers

Since we teamed with Fast Serv in 2008, we have found everything that other companies couldn’t provide: excellent service, the best up-time we’ve ever had, and of course, managed support capable of bringing an easy solution to any situation.

-- Manuel Aceves
CEO, Dimension Audio Visual

Dude, Steer!

Customer since: October 2007
Services used: Dedicated Servers

Am I the only Fast Serv customer?  No, but it feels like I am! I have always received the highest level of customer support and individual attention that I have ever received from a service. Fast Serv first caught my attention with their ability to provide fantastic information and creativity in setting up a solution specific to my needs and they have kept me as a customer by providing me with an internet platform suitable for fast-paced growth and change.  In addition, they provide me with simple and state-of-the-art tools and technologies to give me superb access to my information.  Fast Serv has been my datacenter for several years and I continue to be very impressed.

-- Christian Knapp
Owner, Dude,Steer! Motorized Bicycles


Volt Radio

Customer since: January 2004
Services used: Website Hosting, Streaming Media

I have used Fast Serv since 2004 and I have been more then satisfied with the quality, support and professionalism.  As a person who went into the Internet radio business with no little or no sense of computer knowledge, Fast Serv have helped me with situations of every nature.  They walked me through the learning of how to set up the station, setting up the web page, setting up my stream, and even how to pay my invoices.  Even when they do maintenance, there is hardly any down time. If its professionalism and quality you are searching for, then you came to the right place and your search is over. Thanks to Randy and all the people at Fast Serv for always giving us the best.

-- Mary Allen
Owner, Webmaster, Volt Radio

Corporación Plus + Plus S.A.C.

Customer since: March 2005
Services used: Website Hosting, Streaming Media

In the five years that we’ve been working with Fast Serv, they always provide fast and dependable service for our websites and streaming media.

-- Jorge Irei
CEO, Corporación Plus + Plus S.A.C.