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How do I reset the password for Cpanel and FTP?

If you need to change or reset your Cpanel password, there are a couple of ways to do it.  Your Cpanel and FTP log ins are the same, so resetting your Cpanel password also resets the FTP password as well.

  1. Log into your Cpanel control panel: or http://www.[]/cpanel (replace [] with your actual domain name)
  2. Click the “Change Password” icon and choose a new password.

Alternatively, or if you have completely lost your Cpanel password:

  1. Log into your Fast Serv account:
  2. Click the “Services” tab
  3. Click “Websites”
  4. Click “Details” next to the site you want to update the password on.
  5. Click “Change Password” and enter a new password.  This will change the password on your Cpanel account only - your Fast Serv (Portal) password will be unchanged.

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